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To schedule an appointment, call the EAP Call Center at 1-877-256-9302


The following are resources available through our EAP:


6 FREE Counseling services are available to employees and their immediate family members.

To see a list of affiliate counseling agencies, CLICK HERE. Once you have the agency and location you prefer, call the 24/7 Call Center at 1.877.256.9302 for an authorization number. You will then call the agency you picked to schedule your appointment(s).

If you would like help in setting up services please contact Shannon Larson, our Mental Health Navigator at


Are you interested in utilizing counseling services during your prep hours? Here’s a list of providers that offer tele-health as an option:

  1. Ozaukee Community Therapies
  2. Aurora Community Counseling
  3. N Kay Counseling
  4. Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Services
  5. Holistic Path Counseling
  6. Winding Rivers Counseling
  7.  22 A Day Counseling
  8. Thrive Psychological
  9. Terri O’Donnell
  10. S.M. Backus
  11. Halcyon
  12. Family Service of Madison

There’s also the affiliate list located on our REALiving website:


Password:  cfausd_employee


Professional Coaching

REALiving offers professional coaching services to help you be the best in all aspects of your life. These services are provided in person, via telephone, or via video. REALiving coaches can assist you in skill exploration, building strengths, and other skill development to enhance your work performance. Click here to learn about each one of the REALiving coaches available.

Conflict Mediation Services

Conflict mediation services are designed to assist agencies with a conflict that exists in the workplace between two or more people that is perceived to be getting in the way of work. Conflict can be stressful! Therefore, when conflict is present in the workplace, this service will help leadership and involved employees move forward. At the conclusion of the service, REALiving provides proposed solutions for leadership’s consideration.

Crisis Support Services

Events or situations that are outside the range of ordinary human experience and overwhelm one’s ability to cope are sometimes referred to as “critical incidents” or “traumatic events.” These events, which are often unexpected, may cause significant distress and can disrupt daily productivity for a period of time.

Critical incidents may include:

• A workplace accident

• Industrial and natural disaster

• A coworker death or suicide

• A violent incident

• Organizational changes

Crisis support services are designed to help minimize disruptions to the lives of individual employees, as well as the organization as a whole. Services are quickly implemented after a crisis and are customized to meet the unique individual and organizational needs of those impacted.

Organizational Advancement

Looking for a way for your department or company to advance to its BEST? REALiving Consultants will meet with you and your employees about current experiences within the company and ways to create opportunities for betterment. We aren’t looking for problems; we are looking for strengths and solutions!

Wellness Visits

Provide your employees with proactive, wellness-based supports to assist with navigating the stress and secondary trauma that can be experienced in professions such as social work, education, and emergency services. Wellness visits are not counseling sessions, but rather education-focused, industry-specific supports. Employees are also encouraged to use their free EAP benefits to support themselves personally or professionally.

HR Consultation

Utilize our Human Resources experts to provide specialized advice and/or training to maximize efficiency. Our HR consultants are highly educated on the most updated ways to address a particular problem or deficit. We can assist your organization with getting back to being its BEST by implementing assessments, policy review, audits, or organizational change.

BEST Management

Looking to be your BEST in the areas of safety and offering support to injured employees? Ask for details about our Trifecta program. Like you, we want your post-injury employees to get the help they need and ensure a swift return to the workplace—and to their BEST!

REALiving provides the following specialized support services:

Immediate Crisis Support Team: Our crisis support services can be in group or individual formats that are designed to assess, stabilize and support employees through the short and long-term effects of critical incidents. The crisis team will be available within 24-48 hours of the incident.

Management Consultation: We will guide your agency’s response as the situation evolves and continue to provide support even after the crisis has ended. We provide specialized information for management that is solution-focused and assists managers in anticipating what they can expect, as well as proactive ways they can BEST support their employees.

Specialized Educational Materials for Employees: Our educational materials for employees are designed to give them the tools they need to cope during the aftermath of a critical incident. Informational handouts are practical and solution-focused, designed to normalize feelings and reactions after a traumatic event. Handouts will assist employees in identifying strategies to manage and alleviate symptoms.

Financial Consultation Planning is critical to achieving financial success, and our financial services are designed to help employees with a variety of financial, matters such as:

• Budgeting assistance

• Financial planning for college

• Financial crisis and hardship

• Credit counseling

• Debt management and consolidation

• Identity theft support Each employee is eligible for a 30-minute telephone consultation, renewed annually, with a trained financial counselor for assistance with financial concerns.

Financial Planning Tools Employees also have access to an array of web-based information and tools to help with all their financial planning needs. Our webbased financial information is practical and includes various financial planning tools.

Legal Consultation Employees have access to a 30-minute-per-issue, phone-based legal consultation, renewed annually, with an attorney to discuss a wide variety of topics, which may include:

• Landlord/Tenant

• Personal Injury

• Estate Planning & Probate

• Adoption/Guardianship

• Divorce/Child Custody/Child Support

• Mediation

• Traffic Violations

• Small Claims

• Real Estate

• Referral to Local Resources

Management Consultation As a supervisor or manager you are a “Champion of People.” As a Champion, it is your job to highlight the skills, abilities and talents of your people and make them stronger—their BEST. We know that as a Champion, you want the BEST for your business, your employees and your customers.

Our consultants are a point of contact for access to the “people experts” to receive trusted advice that is:

• BEST focused


• Commonsensible

• Strength based

Our “people experts” help develop solution-focused strategies to:

• Successfully move through organizational changes, such as downsizing, reorganization, merger or expansion.

• Recognize, assess and address employee performance issues in the workplace, such as communication issues, conflict, anger management, or alcohol or drug problems.

• Mediate and resolve conflict.

• Grow your team into their BEST.

• Assist in curriculum and training plan development, including expansion of training resources.


As a therapist, having the School Based Mental Health available for students is very important in many aspects. School is an area where children spend a great amount of their time and the schools are able to work with the therapists to help in any areas that they may be struggling in.  The schools have all been very open with working with me as a therapist and the children are able to still get services that are needed for either home or school issues without having to miss more time at school since the therapy is able to be done right at the school settings.  Being able to provide this service for families is a great asset for everyone involved.
School Based Mental Health Therapist
“The group was very good, and it calmed me down a lot. When you feeling stressed this class is a time to just relax and think about everything and it soothes your mind.”   “I liked that every time I needed to relax or talk about something I would not get judged that place was a free spot.”   “Being in the relax group really helped me become calm, and know what to do in times when I’m overwhelmed. The Relax Group also helped me focus on everyday tasks, and the group gave some incredibly good advice :)”
Student feedback about a Relax Group
School-based mental health services allow a child to receive much needed services regularly without the inconvenience of scheduling around after school activities or parents having to take time off work.
SBMH Mental Health Therapist
As a parent having the School Based Mental Health available has been very helpful with my child.  The process has gone smoothly from the initial contact to being able to choose a therapist that may work best with my child to the therapist working directly with my child.  This is also helpful that they are able to come directly to my child at the school so that they are missing less school and I as a parent need to miss less work as well.  Overall the whole experience has been a positive one for both myself and my child.
You made this process super easy and helped me every step of the way to ensure that my student is set up for success. In following up with me and making sure we were taken care of shows that you care about the students and their wellbeing. Thank you so much for making this as easy as it was, I truly appreciate everything!
“I liked how they gave me strategies and not just one but many so I could choose what I liked and didn’t like!”
CFAUSD Student