Administrative Guidelines for Student Suicide:

Administrative Guidelines for Student Suicide


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Staff Member Referral Form


Cardinal Care Common Questions and Answers

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Mental Health and Wellness Resource Map (Updated: 2020-2021)

CFAUSD Mental Health and Wellness Resource Map



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Cardinal Care Mental Health Supports Flyer


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AWARE Grant Updates:

Chippewa Falls AWARE Year 3 Annual Report

Chippewa Falls Year 3 – Quarter 1 Infographic

AWARE grant year 2 Annual Report

AWARE grant Year 2: Snapshot of Accomplishments

AWARE grant Year 2 – Mid Year Report

AWARE grant Year 2: Quarter 2 Report (October 1, 2020-December 31, 2020)

AWARE Year 2 Quarter 1 Report (July 1, 2020-September 30, 2020)

AWARE Year 1 Annual Evaluation Report

AWARE Year 1 summary report


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DCLT Action Plan 2021-2022

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Chippewa Falls YRBS Mental Health Scorecard:

2019 Chippewa Falls YRBS Mental Health Scorecard



COVID-19 Resources:

Wellness Resources

School Based Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training eCourse

Supporting Student Mental Health During School Closures Resource Page

Family Engagement Newsletter April 2020

Sample school protocol for NSSI
Brief Non-suicidal Self-injury Assessment Tool

DPI Screening Resources Webpage 

Telehealth Tips: Managing Suicidal Clients During the COVID-19 PandemicNational Center for School Crisis and Bereavement (including specific resources relating to COVID)
Supporting Grieving Students During a Pandemic – A guide to using the Coalition to Support Grieving Students materials

NASP – Comprehensive School Suicide Prevention in a Time of Distance Learning

SAMHSA – Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools

SPRC – After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools

REMS – Trauma-informed Care for Schools Before, During, and After Possible Emergency Events.

REMS Resources
Discussing Death with Children: A Developmental Approach (Pediatric Nursing)


Cardinal Care takes the frustration out of making the initial connection with a mental health therapist and allows for services to occur in both the office setting or, if appropriate, the school setting.
SBMH Mental Health Therapist
As a therapist, having the School Based Mental Health available for students is very important in many aspects. School is an area where children spend a great amount of their time and the schools are able to work with the therapists to help in any areas that they may be struggling in.  The schools have all been very open with working with me as a therapist and the children are able to still get services that are needed for either home or school issues without having to miss more time at school since the therapy is able to be done right at the school settings.  Being able to provide this service for families is a great asset for everyone involved.
School Based Mental Health Therapist
We have more kids than ever receiving care and it is largely because of your work with families and your follow-through! I really appreciate having the Mental Health Navigator position because so many more of our students are receiving therapy.
CFAUSD Elementary School Counselor
School-based mental health services allow a child to receive much needed services regularly without the inconvenience of scheduling around after school activities or parents having to take time off work.
SBMH Mental Health Therapist
You would go to the doctor for a rash, this is just another part of your body that needs to be taken care of.
As a parent having the School Based Mental Health available has been very helpful with my child.  The process has gone smoothly from the initial contact to being able to choose a therapist that may work best with my child to the therapist working directly with my child.  This is also helpful that they are able to come directly to my child at the school so that they are missing less school and I as a parent need to miss less work as well.  Overall the whole experience has been a positive one for both myself and my child.