Nikki Gudenschwager

Clinic: Randall Therapeutic Services


Address: 425 Tainter Ave. Rice Lake, WI

Phone: 715-736-1000



Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Human Development, University of Wisconsin Green Bay + Master’s Degree of Education with emphasis in Community based Counseling and School Counseling, University of Wisconsin Superior

EXPERIENCE Nikki started her career as a Behavioral Health Professional and a Clinician in the Home and Community Treatment Program in the state of Maine. She primarily worked with children and families with severe and persistent mental health. Nikki has experience working in home and in clinical environments as well as alongside a team of other providers. For the past 5 years, Nikki has worked closely with children and families that are part of the foster care program. This has included doing individual and family work through the reunification and adoptive process. 

SPECIALTY AREAS Nikki is a Certified Trauma Therapist who utilizes an eclectic approach to help adults, children, and families. Nikki’s therapeutic approach uses  CBT, TF-CBT, DBT, Art and Play Therapy strategies. Nikki also enjoys using an attachment based and client centered approach. She has been trained in the Duluth Model and has worked with clients around domestic violence education. Nikki is passionate about the study of neuroscience, evolving research on trauma and the impact on the neuro pathways. Nikki strives to educate herself on new treatments and modalities to better assist in therapy practices.

PERSONAL In her spare time, Nikki enjoys reading, being with family and friends, spending as much time outside as possible, traveling, and having as much fun in life as she can


School-based mental health services allow a child to receive much needed services regularly without the inconvenience of scheduling around after school activities or parents having to take time off work.
SBMH Mental Health Therapist
“The group was very good, and it calmed me down a lot. When you feeling stressed this class is a time to just relax and think about everything and it soothes your mind.”   “I liked that every time I needed to relax or talk about something I would not get judged that place was a free spot.”   “Being in the relax group really helped me become calm, and know what to do in times when I’m overwhelmed. The Relax Group also helped me focus on everyday tasks, and the group gave some incredibly good advice :)”
Student feedback about a Relax Group
As a therapist, having the School Based Mental Health available for students is very important in many aspects. School is an area where children spend a great amount of their time and the schools are able to work with the therapists to help in any areas that they may be struggling in.  The schools have all been very open with working with me as a therapist and the children are able to still get services that are needed for either home or school issues without having to miss more time at school since the therapy is able to be done right at the school settings.  Being able to provide this service for families is a great asset for everyone involved.
School Based Mental Health Therapist
“I liked how they gave me strategies and not just one but many so I could choose what I liked and didn’t like!”
CFAUSD Student
You made this process super easy and helped me every step of the way to ensure that my student is set up for success. In following up with me and making sure we were taken care of shows that you care about the students and their wellbeing. Thank you so much for making this as easy as it was, I truly appreciate everything!
As a parent having the School Based Mental Health available has been very helpful with my child.  The process has gone smoothly from the initial contact to being able to choose a therapist that may work best with my child to the therapist working directly with my child.  This is also helpful that they are able to come directly to my child at the school so that they are missing less school and I as a parent need to miss less work as well.  Overall the whole experience has been a positive one for both myself and my child.